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John Gendusa Bakery first opened on September 24, 1922. By the end of that decade, baker John Gendusa and restauranteurs Bennie and Clovis Martin were tasked with finding an economical way to make a sandwich to feed striking streetcar workers. Inspired by his youth in Sicily, John Gendusa produced a long, uniform loaf of bread for the Martin Bros. From this loaf the Poor Boy sandwich was born. We have been producing our famous Poor Boy Bread ever since.

Gendusa Bakery has now been a family-run business for four generations. It is one of the few surviving traditional bread bakeries still operating in the city. Our po-boys, pistolettes, and muffuletta loaves are still baked using our founder's original formula. We supply bread to Gene's Poboys, Parran's Po-boys, and many others throughout the city.

Our current owner, Jason, lives next door to the bakery with his wife and two young children. He and his father are responsible for everything that keeps the business running: baking, office work,the repair of equipment and delivery trucks, and more. The levee broke four blocks from the bakery after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Although the flood damage was extensive, Jason and his father decided to take responsibility for re-building a historic business. Though our bread is only sold wholesale, if you happen to pass by and smell the bread baking, you can knock on the screen door to buy a loaf, as most of our neighbors do.

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Gendusa Bakery

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Gendusa Facade: 2009 Mirabeau Ave, New Orleans, LA